About Us

About Us

My Data Career

Our goal is data related insight, resources, and training.

The insight we provide is sometimes general (illuminating the opportunities that exist in the data world), and sometimes more specific (comparing particular languages, software, etc). You will see these articles in the Career Insight section.

We provide resources. First, we provide free, in-depth articles that will train you on a specific skill. Second, we provide Resume and Cover Letter assistance, which you can utilize to build your Resume and Cover Letter, or have our expert create them for you. Check out the Resume/Cover Letter section. Check out the Extra Stores section if you want us to create them for you.

We also provide online courses for data science, data analysis or data management. SAS,SAS SQL,Python, and Statistics for now. These online courses are comprehensive training packages. In the future, we will have extra content for the online courses (ie Case Studies).

Our course links area on our home page allows you to get an amazing deal on all our courses. They are hosted and distributed on a popular and well-regarded Online educational platform. (Udemy) Our courses are well rated, and our top course has over 130 reviews.

By buying through mydatacareer.com , you will have a 92% discount. All our courses are priced at $195 without the discounts.


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