SAS SQL -SQL For the SAS Programmer/Analyst

sas sql

SAS SQL -SQL For the SAS Programmer/Analyst

You know Base SAS but are you comfortable with SAS SQL?


The goal of the course is to teach you SQL as it relates to the SAS programming language.  We will cover proc sql. This essentially means that you should have a good grasp of the SAS data step already, or SAS Base/Base SAS. SQL is especially utilized for extracting/selecting data from database tables, and also manipulating that data.

If you’re looking to gain a skill that is the PERFECT compliment to your knowledge with the SAS data step, this is the course. Employers often want employees to understand the SAS data step, and also how SQL is incorporated into the SAS Programming language.

Whether you are looking for a new job, looking to move up at your current company, or looking to get into a respected well-paying career after school..this course is for you!

The course has four main sections. The first section is Base Knowledge. You will learn about SQL syntax, including specifics on the Select and Where clause. You will also learn about Case Logic and Summary Functions. The second section is about Joining tables. I show you how to use the inner join, join three tables, left/right join, and full join. The third section is Working with Tables. I show you how to create a table, Alter columns (add, modify, delete) and how to Insert Rows in different ways. The final section is on Practical/Useful applications of SQL. For example, you’ll learn how to Compare tables, find duplicate observations/get rid of them, how to sort the way you want to, and how to update a table under certain conditions.

Each section has video lessons, followed by a Quiz (that tests general knowledge), and then an Assignment (that requires you to apply what you’ve learned.)

Finally, you have nothing to lose. This course has a 30-day money back guarantee. Buy the course today and add an essential skill to your resume.