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I have compiled the most frequently asked questions about the Data Science Essentials Masterclass.

What is the Data Science Essentials Masterclass?

It is a self-paced and online self-study course covering the 6 phases of all data science projects.

You’ll receive:

Eight lessons delivered within 60 days, in video, audio, and fully formatted pdf text formats.

1-year access to materials.

$500 discount for the next session of the Data Science Bootcamp program, an intensive 3-month program that builds on essentials and makes you prepared for a data science role.

The timing is not great, can I join the course later?

Unfortunatley, this self-paced course is only offered on a limited time basis. Remember, there are no deadlines or homework, so it is perfectly ok to invest now and learn when you get a bit of time.

Do I need to have a job for this course to be effective?

Not at all. We’ve had many professionals save up money and stop working in their previous field (finance, accounting, journalism), and are focusing on family while preparing for their next career.

Are there any discounts?

While we realize that everyone has unique financial circumstances, there are no discounts.

The cost is in part due to:

a. Ensuring that only fully committed professionals enroll 

b. Ensuring that we are fair to all who invested, no matter WHEN they invested. We don’t want one person to pay $197 and then a person day later to be able to pay $97. It doesn’t seem fair.

c. It is exclusive content, not available anywhere else.

d. Most students who take the Essentials self-paced course end up enrolling for the Bootcamp. The Bootcamp, a 3-month program, is limited in enrollment to ensure a high-quality experience for all in the program. Ermin works very closely with all students and this is not possible with a very large class.

What is the difference between this Masterclass and the Bootcamp?

The Data Science Essentials Masterclass is a light introduction to the full program (Data Science Bootcamp). The Bootcamp is 3-months, is instructor-led, and has tutor and mentor support.

This special offer of the Data Science Essentials Masterclass is unique because:

a. It is all self-study and self-paced (the exception is for troubleshooting/something not working)

b. While you will produce a data science project by the end; the project is imitating/following what the instructor does, it will not require you to apply knowledge.

c. It’s offered at the fraction of the cost of the Data Science Bootcamp; giving you a chance to appreciate how the training for the full program is but also getting a sense of the kind of work involved in data science.

Who was the Essentials Masterclass developed for?

It was developed to be a flexible way for mid-career professionals to begin building their credibility in data science.

One of the challenges of switching careers is decreasing the gap in knowledge between your previous industry and data science, and this is also the first part of succesfully convincing others that you are fit for the new role.

Another challenge is that many mid-career professionals are prone to imposter syndrome. They have doubts. The Masterclass really helps them decipher if they have the skill. And most not only get over their imposter syndrome but feel super excited about the future.

Can I get access to all of the materials upfront?

Yes, we can grant you upfront access to the course materials, provided you choose the full-pay option and decline your money-back guarantee.

I am interested in becoming a Data Analyst or Scientist but I have no background in it. Is this course for me?

The Data Science Essentials Masterclass is a great starting point to understand what data analysts and data scientists do day-to-day. 

Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is a great place to start! You get the benefit of getting value without the pressure of assignments/homework and instructor interaction.

Do I have to finish the course within a specific time frame?

No. The contents will be available for download for a one year period. And remember, you will be able to download each component.