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Depending on the kind of cloffice you opt for, it can also become a part of your room’s decor. You can test the waters with a simple setup like this! All they did was arrange a small floating desk and stool inside an existing closet, then hang a whiteboard on the wall. The closet still has its upper shelf and hanging rod, so if it doesn’t work out, the space can easily go back to storing clothes. If a full desk won’t fit in your cloffice, try mounting a piece of plywood, medium-density fiberboard , or butcher block to the wall with brackets to create a DIY floating desk. Keep in mind that the average desk height is between 28 and 30 inches, and be sure to screw the surface into wall studs for added support.

  • Drill a wide enough hole for the screws to fit through easily.
  • A closet is a naturally dark space, with little or no access to daylight.
  • If there’s already an outlet in the cloffice, mounting sconces to the wall or getting a regular table lamp are two of the many options.
  • We have the perfect list of Cloffice Home Office Ideas, a space blending a closet and home office.
  • Starting with a small closet or cupboard space, you can easily hide away work when you’re at home.
  • A small office can still pack a mighty punch with storage.

This article was co-authored by Patricia Penker and by wikiHow staff writer, Madeleine Criglow. Patricia Penker is an Interior Designer and the Owner of Exclusively To Design, one of the top residential design companies in South Florida. With over 25 years of experience, Patricia specializes in interior design, interior decorating, and home staging. Patricia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s Certificate in Digital Design and 3D Modeling from CADDTrain. Patricia’s interior designs have been featured on HGTV’s Rip and Renew and Save My Bath and in celebrity homes. Exclusively To Design has been recommended on Houzz, Expertise – Best Home Staging in Miami and Best Interior Designers in Miami, and Best of HomeGuide.

Floating Desk Details-

After we installed it all Keith went in and taped off the brackets and painted the wood in Valspar Ultra White in a semi-gloss. He let the paint dry, then he sealed it it would easily scratch. If you missed it we just shared the guest bed reveal on this blog post. Homegoods, Target, and IKEA are great places to look for stylish office decor and accessories. You can buy these floating shelves and fill them with baskets and accessories. This can be as simple as a shelf or as elaborate as a whole storage system.

  • There’s no need for working from home to be–quite literally–a pain in the butt.
  • One thing that helps to work from home is having a dedicated home office.
  • She is currently pursuing an interior design certificate from the New York Institute of Art + Design.
  • I used my kreg jig to make a hole but you could also use a drill bit for making holes.
  • Get an office chair that either has no arms or arms that are shorter than the height of your desk.

The empty space above a desk or on the closet door can also be very useful, so find a smart solution (such as a pegboard or Door & Wall Rack) that takes advantage of it. Adding a small desk space can be easier than you think; all it takes is a little imagination.

Measure Your Closet

Cloffice storage ideas are incomplete without considering the sides of the closet. Add some shelves or cabinets to those areas to create further room inside a small workspace.


For a luxe touch, hang an ornate chandelier or pendant fixture to make a bold statement overhead. Remote work has become the new normal for many, and home offices are now in high demand. But for those who don’t have an entire room to spare, creating a functional work-from-home setup can be a challenge. One clever solution that’s rapidly gaining popularity is the cloffice, which packs the hardworking elements of a home office into an underused closet.

Personalize Your DIY Closet Desk to YOUR Needs

You might see desks held up by floating desk brackets. Now that you’ve found the perfect place for your closet office and you know how you want to use the space, here are some DIY closet desk ideas for inspiration.

Use an awl or your drill to make a pilot hole in the drywall that is slightly smaller than the end of the drywall anchor so it’s snug. The anchors should line up with the holes you already made in the 1 x 2. Cut your plywood board with a circular saw or jigsaw to fit the size of your closet and set it aside. The standard height is 28-30”, but be sure to take into account your chair height when deciding on the exact measurement. Now that you’ve taken inventory of your available closet space and have a plan, it’s time to get your materials.


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Your information is collected and used in accordance with our privacy policy. convert closet to office One thing that helps to work from home is having a dedicated home office.

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The basic setup requires a desktop surface, storage, and a chair or stool, which can all easily fit inside a reach-in bedroom closet or a linen closet in the hallway. At the end of the day, simply close the closet doors to conceal your workstation and keep your home looking clutter-free. These smart and stylish cloffice ideas will show you how to outfit the space with furniture, lighting, storage, and more to create an efficient spot to work from home. ”I took down the door of the closet to create a nook that best felt like its own space within a space, Inception-style.

Can you DIY a Murphy bed?

Building a Murphy bed requires some precision—you have to install the hardware exactly according to the instructions. But the woodworking here is actually simpler than that required for many bookcases. There are no dadoes, mortises or tricky joinery. And all of the door frames are impostors.

Particularly useful in smaller homes and apartments where square footage is tight, cloffices provide a creative way to maximize available space. And you don’t need a spacious walk-in closet to make it work. Choosing the right desk for your cloffice is kind of a big deal. If you already have a work desk, and it fits, consider yourself lucky. If not, look for a desk – new or second-hand – that suits your cloffice floorplan, whether you’d like it pushed straight against the wall or even angled in a walk-in closet. As you shop shelves and storage solutions, put functionality to the forefront. You get more for less — i.e., more storage for less square footage — by putting in a shelving unit or affixing shelves to the walls.

You might consider closed storage if you have a lot of stuff — just hide it behind cabinet doors. Some people embrace the lack of light and create a more intimate https://remotemode.net/ atmosphere by adding dark colours, which also adds cosiness to the space. A closet is a naturally dark space, with little or no access to daylight.


You can leave the space open or add a sliding barn door if you’d prefer to hide your cloffice away at the end of the day. (Clever, huh?) And there are lots of benefits to having one in your home. A “cloffice” is a term coined for an office space inside a closet. Typically a cloffice is fully enclosed in a closet, but it can really apply to an office squeezed into any nook of your home. This living room shelving unit accommodates a complete home office space.

6 of 13:Set up your office equipment.

For smaller items such as staplers, notebooks, and writing items, buy an inexpensive desktop organiser, stash all your stuff in it and place it to the side of your desk. If there’s already an outlet in the cloffice, mounting sconces to the wall or getting a regular table lamp are two of the many options. If there is a used office furniture store near you, you can find a great deal on a refurbished item and save a fortune. If you’re on a budget, keep an eye out on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Gumtree (if you’re living in the UK) and Craiglist (if you’re based in the US). Think about the ways you can improve the existing lighting or if you would rather add more lighting fixtures. That’s why even in small spaces, an area designated for WFH leads to increased productivity. The reasons being that there are fewer distractions, less cognitive load on our brains and as a result, a more focused working environment.



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