SAS Software Download How To; Start Coding with SAS in Minutes

sas software download

SAS Software Download How To; Start Coding with SAS in Minutes

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So you are all ready to learn SAS but don’t know which SAS Software download you need?

As an online instructor who teaches SAS programming( Here), a lot of my students are puzzled at all the options.

So let me make it really simple for you.

First, it is important to understand that SAS can refer to the company itself, (SAS Institute Inc.) but also to the programming language itself.

I personally use a software called WPS (Here). This is a software that allows you to program in the SAS programming language. I have used their commercial license to create my courses. However, if you are using their software to learn, you can use the academic license (which I linked to above). As long as you have a university email, you can get this software directly at your home. If you don’t have a University or College email, then you can download the Express License for free (Here).

Now, SAS Institute Inc, which you can think of as the ‘inheritors’, or original creators of SAS software and programming language, have many more software options. But there is only really one sas software download that I would suggest because it is super easy to install.

If you do a google search for SAS OnDemand (sometimes referred to as SAS OnDemand For Academics),  you will find a link to their site. Once on that page hit ‘Access Now’ button. Most of you will want to select the ‘Independent Learners’ option at the top, and then simply go to the registration application which is Step 1. It is super easy to fill out. You will then be able to log on to their site and use SAS Studio. This is a SAS free download for independent learners, students, and instructors.

While the SAS Institute. provides other software options, I would advise against them as they are more difficult to install.

I hope that you now know where and how to download your sas software!

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Written by Ermin

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