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snagit vs camtasia, snagit and camtasia video editing review

Snagit vs Camtasia; video editing review

Welcome to this Snagit vs Camtasia video editing review. I have been a video course developer for a number of years, and I have been using Camtasia regularly during this time. I also have some experience using Snagit. The differences between Camtasia and Snagit are not all that obvious if you haven’t used both for a considerable time. And, if you are at all like me, at the time I was looking to buy Camtasia, I was a student, so when I saw the Camtasia vs Snagit price tag, I really wanted them to be interchangeable. 

But don’t panic because of the price. If you are a student, I will share the Camtasia student discounts that are available, near the end of the article. So yes, as a student, you can have Snagit and Camtasia for less. And better yet, you don’t need promo or coupon codes. Techsmith has different savings based on your particular situation.

But, at the end of the day, no matter the price, it is important to use the right tool for the right job. Sure, you can probably use a knife to put food in your mouth, but is it really the best solution?

Ultimately, they are both great in their own way. Both have screen recording and editing capabilities, but which one is better for YOU?

Snagit vs Camtasia, Price vs. Editing Features

So, the comparison of Snagit vs Camtasia is useful if we ask the right question(s). The price is certainly one considerable difference. Snagit is quite a bit cheaper than Camtasia but the former also has fewer editing features and editing tools. You can check out a price comparison here:


But the price and editing features/tools don’t really tell us what we need to know. The right question, in my estimation, is what do Snagit and Camtasia appear to be designed for?

What does Snagit appear to be designed for?

Snagit appears to be designed for capturing images and/or videos because it does not have an environment set up for professional video editing. (more on this later!). As a result, I see Snagit as being ideal for those creating documentation or technical guides, marketing materials, sales materials, or illustrating a presentation. Business professionals of any kind, including those in the data sphere (data scientists, data analysts, etc) can have real utility from using Snagit. A lead data scientist can help communicate his message to his subordinates by creating a professional presentation or technical guide with Snagit.

For such projects, Snagit supplies the necessary tools (a highlighter, pen, stamp, eraser, callout, etc), so you can do a professional job. And while Snagit does allow you to take a video, and then screen capture and share it, the video editing options are limited and akin to MS Paint. Yes, MS Paint is an odd comparison, but it does well of describing Snagit, minus its screen capture capabilities. See more about it by clicking the Snagit image link below.

Editing Capabilities Galore (Image Editing, Video editing, Audio Editing)…

Camtasia, on the other hand, has all the features you need to allow you to create and edit professional videos. By this, I mean that the Camtasia environment is set up in a way that makes serious video editing possible and not frustrating. It is super simple to import all kinds of media (video, images, music, etc). And after you have imported these diverse media, you can easily place them on the timeline, on different tracks, and weave them together. Both the ability to import all kinds of media with super ease, and then easily weave them together, are super important features when developing and editing video. So, if your job is more related to creating video content (like mine!), Camtasia is the way to go. More information can be obtained about Camtasia by clicking the image below:

To compare Snagit vs Camtasia in this respect, (video making), and put things into perspective, if you asked an experienced Snagit user how you might go about importing a .avi file, they might be confused by the question. Their thought might be “why are you trying to import with Snagit? Snagit is for capturing!”. Again, it’s not that Snagit is missing the import option, it’s the fact that the file types you can import are limited, and even if you could import everything, what could you really do with it once inside? 

So what features does Camtasia have? It has a number of different annotation options, including a special category that allows for a spotlight or interactive hotspot. It includes multiple transitions, behaviors, and animations. Effects for video and audio are also available, and I utilize them quite a bit. The volume leveling effect can be super useful if your audio seems inconsistent across a video. The fade in and fade out effects are great when using music. 

snagit vs camtasia, camtasia audio effects
snagit vs camtasia, camtasia audio effects
Camtasia Student Discount?

You are a student, so money is tight. No problem. Camtasia offers a student discount. With the text link below, you save a lot of money. It works out to about $80USD of savings! Act NOW and utilize the amazing editing capabilities of Camtasia!




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